• M3 Multichannel units are designed to distribute the power proportionally to the various channels. The front right and left require the dominant share (65% average) of all of the output for 5.1 and 7.1 channel performance. Some customers believe the center channel should have this higher power also. We offer both options.
  • Any combination, including full power in all channels, is available in our CUSTOM SERIES described below. All 3-7channel units have 12VDC trigger circuits to allow standby, low energy dissipation when not in use. Manual, front panel shutoff is standard for ultimate safety and zero energy loss.
  • Optional: Second fuse and power cord for commercial applications of the M3-5400-7 to handle any potential current demand. $245.00
  • All cords are 20A and use a standard wall plug.
  • Dimensions: 18.25”W x 15.6”D x 8.25”H
  • Weight: 50 – 58 lbs depending on power modules
  • Second 20A power cord optional for M3-5400-7 only


M3-2000-5 (5 channels) 5 x 400w
Price: $2,675.00

M3-2800-7 (7 channels) 7 x 400w
Price: $2,975.00

M3-3200-5 (5 channels) 3 x 800w, 2 x 400W
Price: $3,175.00

M3-4000-7 (7 channels) 3 x 800w, 4x 400w
Price: $3,475.00

M3-5400-7 (7 channels) 2 x 1500w, 1 x 800w, 4 x 400W
Price: $3,975.00